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Posted by: Cosmos, - May 12, 2011

Ha! You probably thought I was dead! Well, I'm not... obviously. So I received an e-mail the other day, we have a new translator! That was just the kick I needed to get me back into gear too. I snuck in updates to all of the series to reflect not-so-dead links and the most recent information on each series (Arata and Sakura Gari as an example). Nothing too exciting, but I couldn't stand to do an update without a release, so I present to you Musubiya Nanako chapter 2! This ends the actually Nanako story of the book. After a long spat with the group we were working on this with over a year ago I kind of forgot about it, now they aren't around anymore! I still put the proper credit up to the people who worked on it, but other than that it's ours! Well, let me know if you're actually from that group and want different credit, in reality I'm not trying to make anyone angry. I just hate to see a good translation go to waste. Other than that, we're back in business! I'm working on some more stuff now, so I'll try to keep the site a little more up to date until we're done. As always, we could use more staff, email me if you're interested!

Posted by: Cosmos, - October 18, 2009

Okay, quick update to let everyone know that ALL of our download links are back up. I switched them all to local hosting, so I pray the server holds up as well as it's been in the past. I have high hopes there will be no further issues. Thanks for all the e-mails letting me know they were down, I just hadn't had time to update the links until now. Also, I updated Shinshunki project with the latest releases, as well as links to Arata chapters 2 through 4, which is being released online by Viz. Let me know if there are any further issues, until next time! (psst, we're working on Sakura Gari chapter #8 ....)

Posted by: Cosmos, - July 26, 2009

Wow, it's been exactly 5 months since the last update. I swear I didn't mean to do that, haha. Anyway, on to the news! Sakura Gari chapter 7 is up and available for download now, sorry for the delay, but summer trips, school finals and all sorts of real life stuff kept getting in the way. Look on the bright side, it won't be the full three months until you see the next chapter, right? Along with the Sakura Gari page being updated with the correct chapter counts to the volumes I also updated with a page for Arata and status of the series. It is officially licensed by Viz, so I have a link to their website up now where you can actually read it for free online. Pretty cool, huh? I'll get the preorder links up for rightstuf once they have it (the first volume is due out in March 2010). Until next time~

Posted by: Cosmos, - February 26, 2009

Alright everyone, thanks for your patience! It's been exactly one month since my last update promising you things, so now I'm here to deliver! First of all, all pages have been updated to reflect the correct download links (all of which are active). Second of all, I made a new forum! Please check it out and post a lot to make it a lively place~ you will also be able to apply for staff positions and check out editing guides and such there (shortly). Third, we have releases for you! (duh)

First down the pike is the first chapter of Nanako. This project has been kind of a mess where it was supposed to be a joint with one group, but do to inactivity was dropped and then the same thing happened with the group after that. So, we're at it alone again, but I've got some translations and HQ scans now so hopefully we can get the rest of the volume to you shortly! Second we have what you've been waiting for, Sakura Gari chapter 6! It was a gooooood chapter~ the last panel made the entire thing for me. Last but not least, I have put up download links for the rest of SMO series 1 (first three volumes) where the lovely people at Esthetique have so kindly finished the first in the series.

One more quick note is that I'm still hard pressed for donations as of lately. Honestly to everyone out there, this website only costs like $150/yr to maintain, but without donations it gets really hard to find that money sometimes (especially in this economy)-just a few dollars here and there really adds up. Please consider just a little something and I promise to keep bringing you all of Watase's lovely manga to the best of my ability. Until next time! Ja~

Posted by: Cosmos, - January 26, 2009

Just a quick update to tell everyone that all of the downloads should be back up and that updates (new releases) ARE on their way. Both old and new *cough*Sakuragari*cough*... *cough*Nanako*cough* so stay in touch! Also, we need more help, dedicated help. Night asks you nicely! ^^

Posted by: Cosmos, - November 13, 2008

It appears the due to my inability to read (or trust in advertisers, haha) google deleted my account with them because I mentioned in the last update that it would help us if you clicked the ads. I re-read through their "policy" (which I read 2+ years ago when I first signed up for the account, it wasn't in there then) and that's basically what it says. You are not even allowed to mention the ads are there, what bullcrap. Guess I'm just used to being "affiliated" instead of "advertising" where we ENCOURAGE people to pay attention to things that can help them out and help us out in the mean time as well. Whatever, all ads are gone now. I can, without penalty, encourage you to donate and to help out by possibly using our web host as your own as well. They have some great hosting (I have NEVER been bugged about bandwidth or anything, which we use a lot of), great stat/usage counters and everything. At that, if you sign up for even just a monthly account they help us out with $50 per referral bonus. With just a few new accounts, it can pay for all our costs for one year or more. Please think about it if you're looking for a good web host. Of course, there is also the straight donation link over there from paypal and I also am taking art commissions if you have any interest in unique art.

In other news, I updated the section for Shinshunki Miman Okotowari with direct download links and information about the group scanlating them. Again, I'm really excited someone has decided to scanlate this series, it's really great. We still have more things coming down the pike very shortly for you, so keep checking back. Thanks!

Posted by: Cosmos, - November 8, 2008

Again, it's been awhile! Seems the only thing that kicks me back into line is when Sakura Gari come out. I'm sure I'll be updating before January this time though! I got some stuff coming down the pike here shortly. Anyways, on to the boring stuff then the update ya'll have been waiting for. We are ACTIVELY seeking staff, however this time, I have tests that I will send out to anyone who contacts me, this is to ensure quality and speed. I am currently looking for editors and Japanese>English translators. Especially a quick turn-around translator/editor to be dedicated to her new series Arata Kangatari, which we will be releasing in HQ editions here shortly. Please contact me if you are able to work on this weekly series (which appears to be averaging about 18 pages/week as of right now). We are also looking for editors/translators to wrap up all of her older works if you prefer a slower pace.

Alright, now that the rambling is over, let me announce Sakura Gari chapter 5 is officially released! Thank you to our hard working team for the VERY quick turnaround this time around! I actually spend 5 days straight editing it myself. ^^;; ...Anyways, please enjoy that and also remember to click on our google links to help out a bit around here. We have VERY nearly reached a high enough goal to pay for web hosting for a year, which would be awesome~

Last but not least, I will update shortly with links/information on the nice group that is currently releasing Shinshunki Miman Okotowari! I'm really happy they decided to pick up Watase's longest running unlicensed series. Let's cheer them on! 'Till next time...

Posted by: Cosmos, - July 12, 2008

Wow, it's been awhile. o.o ...I apologize for the down-time; been working on some of her older titles, but progress seems to be kinda slow. However, today we have a special treat! Got this one to you quickly thanks to the dedication of the translator and scanner (not gonna mention my whole week of work! XD) so here we have it. Sakura Gari chapter 4 is up for your viewing pleasure! Now, I didn't really have anyone to double-check my edits (darn Summer vacations), so if you see any typo's or such; feel free to let me know and I'll try to correct 'em soon. In other news, we are ACTIVELY looking for editors right now! Please e-mail me if you are interested; I have the scripts starting to pile up in my inbox, as of right now I'm the only active editor; it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it, ne?

Oh yeah, this also means chapter 3 is on direct download, in case you need to catch up or something. ^^

Posted by: Cosmos, - April 15, 2008

Yay! Do to Yusei, a nice new translator joining the team, we now have the blog section up! It still says "posted by Cosmos", but I will be back-tracking the dates/times to her original posts. So don't let yourself get confused! I didn't want anyone to actually think she was personally blogging (in English) on this site. haha. Also, we will be starting at the most recent, then back-tracking as time permits, so some things might not make sense until we get to them. The blog section has been added to the navigation above, I will do a quick entry here everytime it is updated. These will not count as manga releases though, so no direct downloads for you yet! XD


Posted by: Cosmos, - April 11, 2008

What do ya know? Here I am, actually updating when I said I would. How do you like that, hmm? Well, today we have what all of you have been waiting for-Sakura Gari Chapter 3! Last warning, this chapter gets a little more intense, so if that's not what you're into, better now read (last warning!). It's really getting good now though, can't wait until June when the next chapter comes out~ Thank you to everyone that helped get this out in a timely manner, everything went great this time around!

In other news, I'll be keeping Pandora's Cube on free servers for one more week (still worried it's too new, don't wanna crash my main server here), so I will update next week when that is on direct download if nothing else. And again, please don't forget to at least click those google ads to help us hit the goal to get a check to help cover server costs, thanks for your support!

Posted by: Cosmos, - April 4, 2008

Alrighty~ once again we update with a one-shot before the new chapter of Sakura Gari! What's up with that? Is this Watase's fault for releasing so many one-shots? Our fault for taking SO much time on everything that's done? Or simply my fault for picking a choosing what gets finished first? Who knows... all I have to say is to appreciate this one-shot and the quality of it! This was the first time I took out the extra effort and actually cleaned the magazine scans into high-quality, I think it took me around 20 hours to edit this one-shot! It's worth it though and worth the read... 68 pages of Watase goodness to hold you over until Sakura Gari chapter 3 is ready (soon!).Also, as always, Sakura Gari chapter 2 is now up for direct download, so if you haven't already downloaded it you can get it even easier now. And as always, please support us by checking the status page for needed staff (and e-mailing if you can help) and clicking those google ads on the left side of the page! Until next time...

Posted by: Cosmos, - February 24, 2008

Okay! Just as promised (well, possibly a few days later than mentioned on the 8th), Sakura Gari Chapter 2 is up and ready for download! As the last few times, it'll be on free servers until demand lacks, then I will upload it locally for direct download. With this release Fukugaeru is now on direct download for those who require it~

Again, a quick note to ask anyone who might be interested, to drop in on the "join" section and drop me an e-mail if there's anything you can help with... and for everyone that visits please remember that if you click a google ad you're helping me with server/domain costs. Thanks!

Posted by: Cosmos, - February 8, 2008

Hmm, here it is February and I haven't forgotten about ya'll!! I know we're trying to release Sakura Gari as it comes out, but releasing one chapter before the next is officially out counts, right? Today we have an extra special update for you (before Sakura Gari is ready). We have a one-shot titled "Fukugaeru" that was recently published (I think within the last six months or so). You can find this on the one-shots page. ^^

You might also notice some other corrections and small updates throughout the site, so go check it all out if you like. I have added a status section within the "join" page, I was also debating whether or not I wanted to put more download content and such on here, but decided against it as other sites have me far beat when it comes to images and downloads. We're mainly here to be your translation source. However I will still update wallpapers/downloads/fanart if anything is contributed, I'm just not going to take away time from editing and such to create content myself.

Now for some requests. We are still in need of Japanese>English translators, but there has been some progress (and hopefully more soon) made. If you're interested, please e-mail me... to be more specific there are three types I'm looking for (1) Someone who can and is willing to help, but might not have a lot of time for old stories/one-shots; (2) Someone who is willing to be dedicated in a long-term project (which would be the seven volume SMO) I would highly prefer production of a chapter at least every two weeks from this person; (3) A HIGHLY dedicated individual who would be able to translate Watase's blog (this would be wonderful!) whenever it is update... her entries are normally pretty short, but a turn-around time of less than a week on each post most would be my preferred time (see for her Japanese blog in reference here). Also, since we're starting to get a translation here and there in, I'm looking to get maybe two or three editors that can clean and edit/typeset. Experience is preferred, but I don't require a lot (I'm not big into re-drawing sfx or anything), just run-of-the-mill editing. I might send a small test to make sure everything is good before making a decision, but no biggie. Once again, e-mail me if interested.

Last up! Hosting and donations... I believe we have a host for a lot of our manga, the rest is being hosted on our server for now, but I'm not sure how long this will last if a lot of Bandwidth starts to get eaten up, so if you have a host with some free bandwidth or just an extra dollar or two to help pay for costs, please drop me a line (for hosting) or click the paypal button on the left side there to donate. Hosting for new releases would be great, as for right now they must start out on these free servers. As always, clicking the google ads is a free way to help "donate", I'm trying hard to hit that goal so they send a check (almost half-way there!). Until next time! (I'll try to make it less that six months this time).

Posted by: Cosmos, - July 21, 2007

Whoa, new layout. o.o ...Made it myself! You like? Anyways, as you can guess I'm working on this site again AND the most exciting news is that we have a release for you today! Now, before I indulge you and let you have the manga we've been slaving over I have a few things I would like for you to read first, please?

First off we are still in need of translators that can do Japanese>English very badly so we can continue on all of her older manga, the second is for some donations... Just a small donation here and there makes a huge difference, I need help keeping up server costs and domain registration, these things have been coming out of my own pocket for some time now. If you can't donate, then just click one of those google ads and it'll help me a little, it's a free way for you to help out. Lastly, I'm looking for servers for our older releases, if you have a stable server/bandwidth and can host even one or two chapters, please let me know and we will work something out.

So, with the final note to check out our forums when you get some time, let's make them popular now. ^^ ...They are hosted on a seperate "free server" that carries ads, but there's nothing to harm you there (I've checked), haha. Here is the release we have for you today (see links below).... Sakura Gari, Watase-sensei's new manga as of this past month in Japan has been fully scanlated for your enjoyment! The next chapter will be out in October, we plan to stick around this time. ~.^ ...Please deal with the free servers for the intial load, it'll be uploaded permently here in a month or so, click here to be taken to the download page.